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It's not normally the type of news that warrants celebration. Fred hasn't solved any big problem or helped defeat any kind of monster or vampire or anything, but she's still giddy enough that the first thing she does is head over to Jason's.

Up until now, she hasn't done much in Darrow except try to figure out just how she should be spending her time. And as she's walking through town, past the train station, it finally hits her. She needs to still be helping people. Fred had that revelation of her true path in life a long time ago, and she needs to get back to that. And maybe it's not exactly the most lucrative of plans and she'll have to find some kind of job to support it— there's a lab in town that she thinks might be looking for people— but she's excited anyway.

It's not until Fred knocks on Jason's door that she realizes that she doesn't even know if he's home. She probably should have called first.

This is becoming kind of a habit.
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Jason has the day off, and he's spending it, as Lafeyette would say, like a lazy slut. Well, the slut part, not so much? To be honest there, Jason hasn't had sex since he's come to Darrow. He'd been too freaked at first, and then--

--then there's Fred.

Ain't that a big glass full of complicated.

So he's sleeping in his own bed when there's a knock on the door, and he stumbles into jeans more than he puts them on. "COMING," he hollers, and scrubs his hands through his sleep-rumpled hair, which doesn't really help much.

Jason opens the door and there she is. Fred. Still half-asleep, the smile he gives her is sleepy and radiant and warm. "Hey, baby," he says, not really thinking it through as he leans in the doorframe. "Come on in."
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"Yeah, but I should probably be up anyway," Jason says, closing the door behind her. It's about all he can do to keep from scooping her up and getting them both back to bed. Doesn't even have to be like that, he'd take just having her all warm and soft under the sheets.

"And you know you can always stop by any time. Don't gotta call ahead or nothing."
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Jason figures that when she's got ideas, he's going to need to be at the top of his game. Or at least somewhere near the top. He starts into the kitchen to get coffee going, and once he hears the machine whir to life, he ambles back out.

"Alright, so why don't you have a seat and tell me what you're thinkin'?"

He gives her a not fully awake smile, and slouches down on the couch, patting the spot next to him.
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It's hard to not just watch her talk sometimes; luckily, what she's got to say keeps him focused. "Naw, you don't sound like a nut." In his sleepy state, he's not really thinking. He just reaches out and pulls her down against his bare chest.

"That's what I love about you." Jason yawns. "Always tryin' to make the world a better place, no matter which version we're in."
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"Well, yeah. I mean, why wouldn't they?" He runs a hand down her back, watching her face as that hand maybe starts to wander. No matter the time and place and all the shit that's happened to him, he is still Jason Stackhouse.

"So you gotta, uh, network. Or somethin'."
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That's what Jason calls an opening, and he means to take it. He gives her a little tug so that he can cup her face with one palm, circles his arm around her waist and smooths it up her stomach.

"Baby," he whispers, because this kind of line works for him, "I got a lotta good ideas."
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"The kind that really oughta get me slapped," Jason murmurs, warm fingers slipping up under the hem of her shirt. "I'm just hoping you like me enough that I get away with it."

He grins. "You do like me, right?"
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"Something my dad always told me about assumin' things," he gasps back against her lips, and then he's done thinking about dead parents. He shifts and rolls so that she's underneath him, all soft and warm and Fred. Hands tangle up in her hair, his mouth demanding and hungry. He's played it careful long enough. Time to remind them both that she's his.
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Jason settles between her thighs, one arm braced slightly against the couch. All his memories have been jumbled up since day one, but to his credit, he hasn't slept around in Darrow. And he sure hasn't thought about it since remembering Fred.

His free hand tugs at the hem of her shirt. Want begins to seep through his veins, turning his kiss hard-- among other things. Bed occurs to him, but the backs of his knuckles brush soft skin and thoughts stop occurring for a moment.
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He catches her mouth again, only for a moment before trailing open-mouth kisses down the column of her neck. "It's been too fuckin' long," he says, grit in his voice, and then then he scrapes his teeth over a delicate collarbone.

He wants to tell her he loves her, always, but instead moves to the sweet, familiar curve of her breast.
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Jason's fingers skid up her arms and then down again, dragging the thin straps down her shoulders until her breasts spring free. "So fuckin' pretty," he says, just before lowering his head and mouthing the space between. No magic or blood or drugs here, just the woman he loved. Something real and warm and hard-earned.

His tongue rasped over her right nipple, lips closing over just a moment after.
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Well, it's good to know Jason hasn't forgotten what he's doing. That little noise gets him to pull back up and kiss her on her mouth, that sweet mouth that's making that noise, that noise that rushes through him like a goddamn fright train. He swears to himself she's gonna make a lot more noise before they're done.

One warm hand slides between them again, cupping between her thighs. God, she's hot. Jason breaks the kiss, unable to settle his mouth anywhere when everywhere needs tasting, and scrapes his teeth over her pulse.
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"Please what?" he drawls, slow and deliberate, right against her skin. His hand stays where it is, not stroking or applying any particular amount of pressure-- just resting. His other hand sneaks up, cupping her breast.

He presses a kiss against the skin that's gone pink under his mouth.