Aug. 17th, 2013

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It's not normally the type of news that warrants celebration. Fred hasn't solved any big problem or helped defeat any kind of monster or vampire or anything, but she's still giddy enough that the first thing she does is head over to Jason's.

Up until now, she hasn't done much in Darrow except try to figure out just how she should be spending her time. And as she's walking through town, past the train station, it finally hits her. She needs to still be helping people. Fred had that revelation of her true path in life a long time ago, and she needs to get back to that. And maybe it's not exactly the most lucrative of plans and she'll have to find some kind of job to support it— there's a lab in town that she thinks might be looking for people— but she's excited anyway.

It's not until Fred knocks on Jason's door that she realizes that she doesn't even know if he's home. She probably should have called first.

This is becoming kind of a habit.


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