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[For Spike]

Fred knows it's not his fault.

She knew that back in the rec room a few weeks ago, when she'd yelled at him, kicked over the projector and made a scene again. People on the island probably made bets on how long it'd be before crazy old Fred went crazy again. At least this time, it'd only felt like half the island had seen.

She hasn't done much in the weeks since then. When she hasn't been with Jason, she's filled her days with research, looking through old texts that she'd previously dismissed because the information in them didn't get her any closer to opening up a portal home. Now she's looking for something else.

It's been back to the proverbial drawing board.

And the actual drawing board too, come to think of it, since the Island Powers That Be had seen to it that she had a nice big dry-erase board of her own.

She's so wrapped up in translations— and feeling really conflicted over wishing Wesley was around to help out, given what was on the reel she saw— that she doesn't hear about Buffy for days. And it's a few more days after that until she finally goes looking for Spike.
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He was sober and it was bloody awful.

He couldn't for the life of him remember why he'd let it happen. Hidden behind sunglasses and a scowl, he'd trudged up to the compound, hunched inside the heavy weight of his coat, in search of coffee.

If he was going to continue feeling sorry for himself, he might as well be alert, for once.

Running into her along the path to the compound was pure coincidence. Or perhaps he'd been hoping to see her.

At first, he didn't say a word. Dropping his cigarette to the boardwalk and crushing it under his boot, his steps slowed to a stop and he glanced away, his weight shifting awkwardly from foot to foot.
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Sighing, he forced himself to look at her, his lips drawn into a thin smile.

"Hello, love," he murmured, feeling a bit like a kicked dog with his tail between his legs.
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"No harm done. Never should've kept you in the dark," he admitted with an awkward shrug.

"Finding out that way... I can't blame you for taking it how you did."
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"I'm..." he trailed off, letting out a bitter snort of laughter. "I don't know, love. Should be glad to be free of her."

He'd told himself that, every time he'd lost her, but being truly convinced of it was another story.

"She's glad to be home, I'd wager. Back to Dawn and the Scoobies or whatever it bloody is they're calling themselves these days."
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Heaving out a sigh, he offered a tight-lipped smile.

"Yeah," he admitted, "No way 'round it, I suppose."

He'd mourned the girl's death, and that still didn't make losing her this time around any easier. He could hope he'd see her again, someday, but he didn't allow himself to truly believe it.
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"Don't believe in fate, I take it?" he said, arching a brow. He didn't either, of course. His destiny was his own, and he'd be damned twice over if he was letting someone write it for him, but they all knew something was guiding this island. Some force, whether it was sentient or not.

The way they were brought to the island, specifically, often from the same places. If it were random, people taken from the vastly infinite universe, there was a very slim chance so many of them would know each other.
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"'Course not," he said with an easy shrug, "Seen my share of prophecies come to nothing. There's something setting up the pieces, sure, but we've all got a hand in where we go from there."