Feb. 28th, 2012

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Fred knows it's not his fault.

She knew that back in the rec room a few weeks ago, when she'd yelled at him, kicked over the projector and made a scene again. People on the island probably made bets on how long it'd be before crazy old Fred went crazy again. At least this time, it'd only felt like half the island had seen.

She hasn't done much in the weeks since then. When she hasn't been with Jason, she's filled her days with research, looking through old texts that she'd previously dismissed because the information in them didn't get her any closer to opening up a portal home. Now she's looking for something else.

It's been back to the proverbial drawing board.

And the actual drawing board too, come to think of it, since the Island Powers That Be had seen to it that she had a nice big dry-erase board of her own.

She's so wrapped up in translations— and feeling really conflicted over wishing Wesley was around to help out, given what was on the reel she saw— that she doesn't hear about Buffy for days. And it's a few more days after that until she finally goes looking for Spike.


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