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May. 2nd, 2013 01:00 am
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Fred's not sure if she feels better or worse now.

Sure, she should be glad; she finally understands what the dreams mean, why so many little things have seemed familiar to her, like something just on the tip of her tongue, something she couldn't quite grasp. But it's not exactly easy, realizing that whatever's brought them all to this dimension has screwed around with her head.

An island dimension, the same one everyone else has talked about ever since she arrived in Darrow. She was there for a long time, longer than she ever would have thought. But Fred remembers it all now: the cave she showed up in, the council speech, Spike and Jason... all of it.

But that doesn't mean it's clean and simple. Because Fred remembers falling asleep next to Charles, but she also remembers that next morning. Professor Siedel and Wolfram and Hart. It's like she was plucked out of Los Angeles and brought right back there like nothing happened.

Whatever it is, as relieved as she is to have things finally making some kinda sense, she doesn't like it. Though, she's absolutely sure that she knows who she needs to talk to about it first, which is why she's knocking on Spike's door just as soon as the sun starts to set in the sky.

Hopefully he's home. Though, considering how sunny it's been today, she thinks it's a pretty safe bet.
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When the last time you were stuck somewhere against your will maxed out at five years, a measly four months stuck in an alternate dimension is nothing. Especially not when there's a regular supply of money and a place to stay and someone Fred knows from home around. It's more than a few steps up from living in a cave.

Though, all of that doesn't mean that Darrow's stopped feeling like some weird place that Fred can't wait to figure out how to leave. Even without much success, she's kept up trying to figure Darrow out. Which is why she's holed up in a booth in a diner near Chelsea Cloisters, a small stack of books on the seat next to her while she flips through a book on magic that she's found in the back of one of Darrow's libraries.

There's a cup of coffee next to her that's gone cold, but every time she remembers to ask for a refill, Fred's distracted by something else in her book.

Just three more pages and she'll flag down a waitress.
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Fred knows it's not his fault.

She knew that back in the rec room a few weeks ago, when she'd yelled at him, kicked over the projector and made a scene again. People on the island probably made bets on how long it'd be before crazy old Fred went crazy again. At least this time, it'd only felt like half the island had seen.

She hasn't done much in the weeks since then. When she hasn't been with Jason, she's filled her days with research, looking through old texts that she'd previously dismissed because the information in them didn't get her any closer to opening up a portal home. Now she's looking for something else.

It's been back to the proverbial drawing board.

And the actual drawing board too, come to think of it, since the Island Powers That Be had seen to it that she had a nice big dry-erase board of her own.

She's so wrapped up in translations— and feeling really conflicted over wishing Wesley was around to help out, given what was on the reel she saw— that she doesn't hear about Buffy for days. And it's a few more days after that until she finally goes looking for Spike.
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A portal on the island almost traps three people on the other side.

When Fred thinks about it, it's something she should have been terrified of. A portal's what sent her to Pylea, what tried to drag her through another time back home, what sent her here. She should have been terrified of it, but she wasn't. Mostly, Fred had been too excited at the possibility of getting somewhere else.

And maybe the portal's fried now, but it's something. It's a start. And it's further than she's gotten in her year on the island.

The excitement hasn't worn off when she goes to find Spike, and there's probably a spring in her step too.
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She really should have seen this coming.

Just a week ago, Fred had been talking to Olivia about how maybe the island was just buttering them all up. They'd gotten a carnival and rides and prizes and every kind of yummy deep fried food that Fred could think of, so of course the giant stuffed bunny that she'd won had suddenly come to life only to try to savagely murder her with its bunny teeth. It was just the way this dimension worked.

Five minutes later, and she's standing in the hallway of the compound, an axe in both hands, in the middle of a stare-down with the carnival prize.

"Okay, Mister Oppenheimer," she says, using his full name to emphasize the seriousness of the situation, "One of us is about to be a pile of fluffy bunny stuffing, and it's not me."


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