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Fred was starting to think she had this place almost figured out. Yes, it was another dimension, but at least this time, she wasn't alone there. She had Lorne, and Angel too. And even though he was an Angel from another dimension, he was still very much the same handsome and kinda broody champion she'd known back home. He was just a little younger and a little less with the knowing who she was.

Either way, friends were one thing she hadn't had while she was in Pylea. The other was a bookshelf full of books that constantly changed. Maybe she wouldn't get it right away, but eventually, it was bound to give her a book she needed. Statistically, it was really only a matter of time before she got the right book with the right incantation to take her back to the right dimension.

Of course, after that, there was the matter of getting the calculations right to find an inter-dimensional hot spot, but she wasn't thinking that far ahead yet. First, there were books. This was how she found herself in the rec room again, on the floor surrounded by all manner of books. She'd mostly just grabbed anything that looked helpful, and now was going about sorting the potentially useful ones from the ones she couldn't use at all.

She frowned, setting aside a large book written in some language she didn't think she had ever even seen before.

This was going to take a while.


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