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Fred Burkle ([personal profile] walkswithheroes) wrote2014-07-07 03:09 pm
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It's not Fred's lab. She has to keep reminding herself of that. They're not her employees, and she's not in charge. But the truth of the matter is, the people she's working with are just not up to the standard that she's used to.

Like today, for instance, when one of her coworkers ruined an entire tray of samples because he mixed them up with the ones from the week before.

It's not very often that Fred misses her lab at Wolfram and Hart, but it's been happening more and more, recently. Maybe her staff was possibly evil, but at least they could label a tray of petri dishes.

Fred's not usually a big drinker, but tonight, she feels like maybe she could use one. Jason's working a later shift, so she goes to Semele's, hoping to see a familiar face, or maybe someone she can at least vent to.

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