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It's not Fred's lab. She has to keep reminding herself of that. They're not her employees, and she's not in charge. But the truth of the matter is, the people she's working with are just not up to the standard that she's used to.

Like today, for instance, when one of her coworkers ruined an entire tray of samples because he mixed them up with the ones from the week before.

It's not very often that Fred misses her lab at Wolfram and Hart, but it's been happening more and more, recently. Maybe her staff was possibly evil, but at least they could label a tray of petri dishes.

Fred's not usually a big drinker, but tonight, she feels like maybe she could use one. Jason's working a later shift, so she goes to Semele's, hoping to see a familiar face, or maybe someone she can at least vent to.
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"Girlfriend, what is wrong? You got a face on you like a cat's ass right now. Somebody piss in your Lucky Charms this morning?"

Lafayette catches Fred quietly pull into Semele's from the front of the kitchen, where he'd been taking a break and getting an idea of people flow for the night. He knows her well enough, and likes her well enough, which in Lafayette's book means that she is immediately both of interest and open to recieving his opinion.

After sending the bartender on break, he leans one hip on the bar in front of her, arms folded across his chest.

"Whatever it is, I bet I can make you somethin' magic and help you forget all the fuck about it in the next thirty minutes."
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"With the face. That's a way to put it," he says, rolling away from the counter to start work on a drink for Fred. He chooses colorful liquors, intent on something sweet, fun and layered. Sometimes, there's nothing a shot of whiskey won't fix that a daiquiri couldn't fix better. That's the way he sees shit.

He pours a first layer, deep blue, before topping it off with white and adding the last drizzle of color, a lurid pink, over the top of a spoon as he talks. There aren't many customers at this end of the bar right now; he's got the time to pamper her a little.

"My day was short. I slept in, had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, spent an hour in the tub and got dressed to haul my ass here. So I guess you caught me in the right mood to hear your own complaints. If you wanna. I'm all ears."

He cups a free hand around one of his ears for emphasis.
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"Nah, you never told me that," Lafayette says, sliding the drink over to Fred after decorating the rim with a slice of orange. Work is rarely stressful for him. It lends his voice a calm like a happy cat's, willing to block out Fred's bad day, and the tinkle and clatter of the kitchen in the back, and the buzz of low bar voices cut by the occasional loud bark of laughter. It's a comforting voice. It gives a shit. It does its best to understand.

He leans both hands on the edge of the bar and waits for her to give her drink a try.

"But I ain't ever asked about your work. I make a point not to ask people about shit like that less they decide to share with me. Not everyone like to talk about what they do for a living."

Because it's boring as fuck. Because it's complicated as sin. Either/or.
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"Wait a minute chickadee," Lafayette says, holding up a hand. "Pause that thought. You run a lab full of evil people? You feel like elaborating on that shit? Out of curiosity and just, what the fuck?" He raises two eyebrows.

"It's good and all that yo' work meant somethin', and I mean that very seriously, but you can't just be like, 'evil science lab' and leave a bitch hangin'."

He reaches under the counter for a glass for himself. He feels like this convo needs more vodka.