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Sometimes, despite where they live and where she and Jason both come from, life can feel downright normal. She goes to work at the lab, he goes to work and the station, and sure, sometimes there's a vampire— both friend and foe— or some kinda weird Darrow thing involving bees, but other times, they can just spend a friday night in with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie.

She's maybe having second thoughts about letting Jason pick it, but she has a feeling he wouldn't really find the documentary she's got on loan from the library all that interesting. Still, any time spent cozy with Jason is a win in her book.

He's sprawled out in her lap on her couch at the moment as she reaches over to the side table for her soda. Though, a tell-tale slurp from her straw reminds her that she drank the last of it fifteen minutes ago and was too preoccupied with the movie to want to get up. Plus, she's really with the super comfy right now.

Picking up the cup, she dangles it just in Jason's line of sight, hoping to save herself the trip to the fridge.

"Jaaaaason. Any chance of a refill?" she asks.
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First of all, the Tremors series is a fine series of films. They are damned lucky to have Tremors in Darrow. At least, he thinks it's Tremors. Might be a mighty fine knock-off-- he's spent about a third of the film nuzzling her inner thigh.

He gives a little groan, but climbs to his feet and pads barefoot into the kitchen, stopping randomly to make sure his steps don't got a rhythm any giant fuckin' sandworms could hear.

You just never know.

Opening the fridge, Jason reaches in for the soda, but comes out with something else entirely.

"Baby, what's this?"

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"You keep blood in your fridge for Spike?"

Okay, on some level, Jason knows it's ridiculous to be freaked out by that. They kept Tru Blood for vampires back home all the time; he even kept some for Jessica. But something here weirds him out.

"Where you gettin' blood for him?"

A thought strikes, causing a little explosion on the surface of his brain.

"This ain't your blood, is it?"
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"Good, 'cos that would be... uh. You're not.... uh." He's not getting anywhere with this line of thinking. "Hey, that part of town is dangerous. You really think you should be going down there? To get black market blood. For a vampire. I mean, I've known some vampires that were okay, maybe. But okay isn't worth risking gettin' killed buyin' them takeout!"

Jason scowls at the blood. "The fuck kind of vampire lives off animal blood?"

He just can't decide what part of it piss him off.
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"Friends don't ask friends to go into shady parts of town to buy them blood! And... and vampires, they... make you think you like them, maybe even think you love them, but that don't change what they are at the end of the day. Everyone who gets close to them has horrible shit happen, 'cus they do dangerous things to keep them vamps happy."

He leans against the wall, rubbing his face. Almost every bad fucking thing in his life back in Bon Temps is courtesy vampires, from his parents' deaths to his addiction to Amy's death, Gran's death, the fucking Newlins.
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"Different how? Yeah, they all seem different at first, but you get to know 'em and they just..." They just what, Stackhouse? "Maybe they don't even try, I'll give 'em that. But I ain't never seen anything end well with 'em. People only get hurt when they get close to vampires, and I don't want that for you. I'm sure Spike can get his own fuckin' drinks."

What had started as anger gets deeper and darker, like it's being buried in the ground.
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"Havin' a soul sure as hell don't make a good person," Jason retorts. The thing is, he knows there's some weird differences in vampires between the places they come from, him and Fred. Really, he even knows that his kind of fangers is a lot more like ol' Bill than anyone else. Not a lot of Russells.

But common sense just isn't happening.

"You're puttin' yourself in danger, and I'm not just gonna sit and watch it!"
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A smarter, more self-aware man might have realized this is really about his own experiences, might have realized that being fucked with and fucked over by vampires, fairies, and a hell of a lot more has left him scared for any person he loves.

Unfortunately, Jason is not that man.

"They take everythin' a man loves, and I'm not gonna just let them have you," he half-says, half-bellows. Sure, he has no idea where he's going or what he's doing, or that he sounds like goddamn Compton or Northman when he says, "Ain't none of them takin' what's mine."
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"They sure as fuck ain't," Jason half-shouts, and though he wants to grab her up and hold on, he doesn't trust himself. He doesn't know if he deserves her most of the time, and here he is, being some angry, defensive asshole.

His hands shake a little as he presses them on a counter, shutting his eyes.

"They ain't," he repeats, jaw tight. "Fuckin' supernatural shit." He'd peaked, and now he stands, staring at the counter and his hands. "I never loved anyone like I love you," he mutters.
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That just about melts him into the ground. He grabs Fred and hauls her in close, wrapping his arms around her, buries his face in her hair. "'m such an asshole," he mutters. "I don't want you to have to ask me permission for shit. I just... it don't ever end good with them, and I guess maybe I'm fucked up from it."

He presses a kiss to whatever bit of skin he has access to, and murmurs. "I'm not lettin' anything take you from me. Got it?"