walkswithheroes: (dinerface)
Fred Burkle ([personal profile] walkswithheroes) wrote2013-12-08 11:43 pm
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Dated 12/08

Fred has to keep reminding herself that this isn't the first time she's seen snow in years. Maybe Los Angeles never saw any in her time there, but there was also the island. The island where she remembers it snowing in December and turning into 18th century London. Where she remembers going sledding in way too many skirts.

That memory is what brings her outside today, bundled up in a coat and hat, wrapped in a bright yellow scarf to try and keep out some of the chill.

Maybe she's been through a few winters in dimensions like this, but that doesn't mean she's not still a Texas girl at heart. Or at least so far as it counts towards being used to the cold.

She heads toward the park, taking her time, not in any particular rush, mostly because the snow is just so pretty.

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