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She hasn't been able to get him out of her head, not since that day at the diner.

There are a lot of things that Fred is good at; put a formula in front of her or a puzzle and she'll figure it out. Even the supposedly unsolveable ones— she's seen a lot of those— and given time, she'll take it all apart, put it back together, figure out how it works and solve it.

In Darrow, she's been given two unsolveable problems. One of those, the city itself, is one she's still convinced she'll work out given time. Five years, she spent in Pylea, working the problem, shouting incantations until her voice gave out, scribbling on cave walls just to get the numbers out of her head, and here with resources and actual books, she knows she can do it.

The other problem?

Well, that one isn't as easy.

What are you supposed to do when your head tells you one thing, but everything else in you says something different?

Because she knows that there's something about the police officer she met on her first day in Darrow that she can't exactly explain. Something weird and familiar and unfamiliar all at once. And now she's started remembering things that don't make sense. Snow and sand and sleds. Herself on a stage in front of faces she can't quite make out.

Fred's not exactly sure what to do about it all, which is why she looks up Jason's address and finds herself outside his apartment.

She's going crazy. She can't be going crazy.

She knocks.
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Jason sprawls on his couch in nothing but a pair of boxer briefs, staring up at the ceiling as he wrestles with the same damn problem. He thinks maybe it'd be easier to piece it all together if there weren't so many supernatural possibilities.

There's a knock at the door, and he stumbles off the couch, sliding into a pair of jeans, just barely doing the button before he opens the door.

And there she is.

"Hey," he says, breathless.
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Jason does everything important without a shirt.

"Yeah," he says, trying to hide the stupid grin. She's here, it's gotta mean something. And sure, she probably means actual talking, but she'll be inside his apartment. There's a strange surge of possessiveness in him that he doesn't exactly recognize.

"And don't worry it. My address. I would have given it to you in a second."
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"I was thinkin' about, um, the possibility of a spell," Jason says, closing the door behind her. "My sister Sookie? There's always some fucked up thing out to get her, because she's special. Not retarded special, even though some people think that way."

He ambles into the living room, and sprawls on the sofa.

"There were witches, though. That were pretty pissed at us. I remember all of that, though, it's not like you were there." Jason looks up at her, and tries for a smile. "Hey, have a seat."
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"Demons?" echoes Jason, scrubbing a hand through his hair. "That's fucked up. I really hope we don't have those." He shoots her a tired look. Would it be out of line to just ask her to come over and sit with him for a while?

"So I'm gonna toss this out there. I almost remembered it all when I was kissing you at the diner."
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It's at that moment that Jason really gets he's in over his head here. Between all that practicing being a better human being and whatever this connection is, he hesitates.

"I wanna know what's going on," he says, "and Lord knows how much I want to be touching you, but it'd feel like I was takin' advantage."
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The next realization hits him so hard he'd fall over if he wasn't already sitting down. "I don't think I want you to just be okay with it," he says slowly. "Like, there's obviously somethin' between us, and--"

He can't figure out how to say the damn thing.

"I guess I just thought if you're this important to me, it should be about more than deja vu."
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God, it sucks.

Jason knows he should be on his feet and working on getting her off of hers. Maybe the Jason a few years ago would have. But things are different now, and they're different with her.

"Yeah," he says, already knowing he can't just say no. "C'mere." He stands slowly, and walks over to where Fred is, kneels in front of her, catching her hands.
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Jason meets her halfway; it's only polite.

But of course, once he kisses her, all of his notions about how this isn't the right way go right out of his head. He tugs on her hands until she's close enough that he can slide arms around her waist.

Yeah, there's no debating the rightness of this. He swears he can smell the ocean.
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"Oh, Jesus," he groans, pulling her forward, leaning back, anything to get their bodies pressed together until there's no more damned space between them. It'll probably end up with both of them on the floor, but Jason's not really thinking anymore.

He kisses her again, this time tasting sunlight, a sweet wind that can't be from any city. It's feelings, sensations, images, sounds before any knowledge.
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"You used to write on the walls," Jason gasps suddenly, even though it kills him to take his mouth off of her. "That first time I came to you, really wantin' you, there was writing all over the place. And it was summer there all the time, except when it was winter, nothing in between. I got my tongue stuck on a metal pole."

He stares up at her, amazed, like she's got some kind of magic. Maybe, for once, it's good magic.
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"Baby, I've seen five million different kinds of crazy, and you're not one of 'em." He lowers his mouth to her neck, and it's like he tastes her skin twice, now and then, all wrapped up right here. There's something important he's missing; it tugs at the back of his brain but he can't for the life of himself care.
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"Yeah, okay, I--"

He just rests his forehead in the sweet curve of her neck, trying to breathe. She smells so good, he thinks feverishly. Smells like she belongs to him.

Whoa now. You ain't some kinda were. You checked.

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"Yeah, I got those, but I got a lotta other feelings too right now," he tells her. "And thoughts."

Jason lets out a short laugh.

"Only thing that makes it calm down is you." But slowly, painfully, he takes his hands away from her waist and the small of her back, makes to get up.
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Some of the things he'd been forcing out of his thinking come back right around then.

The year without Sookie.

Being strapped down so Crystal's pack could take turns with him.

Letting Hoyt go.

Jessica. Jessica.

He swallows roughly. "I, uh, I guess I got sent back home right after the island."