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[For Jason]

In the weeks since finding that reel on the bookshelf, Fred hasn't done much. The first week or so was mostly spent in the compound, either in her room or in the rec room, pouring through spell books and dusty volumes in languages that she has to cross-reference with others just so she can understand them.

But this isn't like last time. It's not like when she first arrived and she spent her days cooped up looking for a way off of the island. Her gears have shifted, and while her nose is still in a book for more than a few hours each day, she's not keeping herself confined to the concrete walls of the compound. Today, for instance, she's settled in at Jason's, sitting on his floor with a stack of books next to her that she's been adding to just about every time she comes by to visit.

"You know, there's actually nothing in these that actually talks about the Old Ones, but they're alluded to like crazy," Fred says, not looking up from a giant volume in some language that she can barely translate. She straightens her glasses on her nose before running a hand through her hair, "This doesn't make any sense."
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Jason wasn't sure what alluded even meant.

All he really knew was that Fred believed the key to everything was in the damn books. He'd given up on reading them himself for the night, and while one was propped open in front of him, he was furtively, carefully reading Memoirs of a Geisha.

He looked up at her words, and takes her in-- she's so damn pretty even when she's worried, and especially with all these books.

"Well," he said, half-wincing in preparation for this particular reveal. "I had this special readin' teacher when I was in school, when I was like, ten. And sometimes she used to get me to make charts about things. Maybe you could pile up all the things that are kinda talked about...."

Shit, who was he kidding?
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Jason looked back up from the book, where he was learning just what a mizuage was. It wasn't as sexy as he'd hoped.

"Naw, baby, you're plenty smart," Jason said. "That's the problem. Sometimes people who are so smart don't see some of the things right in front of them."

He yanked his shirt over his head and tossed it over to one of the corners. "You got a notebook or something?"
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Gran would have had something to say about that-- mostly how lucky it was that Jason had never really had the inclination to learn Spanish, let alone demon-talk.

"It's a really good idea," he said instead, drawing it out. "But maybe it would be even better if you slept on it." Mostly, he just though she could use more sleep, and he would prefer it if she did it where he could watch her. Maybe stay with her.

It said a lot about how worried he'd been that sex wasn't even on his mind in that moment.
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Jason watched her for a minute, setting his books aside for the night. She did look tired, though he figured it wasn't in the cards for her to be able to just go to sleep.

Funny how pretty she still looked, even exhausted and worried.

Maybe Jason wasn't any kind of genius who could just fix her problem, but maybe he could help her forget it for the night. He got up and went to sit in front of her, gently taking the stuff out of her hands and setting it aside.

"Naw, I think you should stay here tonight," he said, and gathered her face up in his hands and kissed her-- slowly, thoroughly.
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"You've got time," Jason said firmly, now holding her shoulders. "You got time and smarts and all these fucking books and a guy who's crazy about ya. You need a break from this."

His hands slid down to her ribcage, and he leaned in, pressing his lips to a spot just under her jaw.

"Stay with me tonight."

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"I think," Jason murmured, pressing hot, open-mouthed kisses under her jaw, into the hollow of her throat, "that I can help clear your mind and get you some real sleep. You'll think better in the morning, promise."

He pulled back just slightly, his eyes dilated with his want for her.

"I'm not gonna push ya, but I swear it would be, uh, worth your while."
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If Jason had his way, it would be no short break. He had every intention of wearing her out and seeing her get some sleep.

"Sure, baby," he said, pulling her into his lap, and then talking against the pulse in her throat. "A real short break. Just c'mere." It helped, too, to have Fred in his arms, safe from whatever blue-skinned boogey-people wanted her back home.

Of course, there was the fact that she was smokin' hot and good God, he wanted her whenever he could get her.
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With a little groan, Jason's pushing his fingertips up under the hum of her shirt, finding warm skin. He was good at turning his own brain off, but here he didn't do that. Everything was as clear as if he'd been set on some kind of mission.

His hands flattened on her sides, and slid further up her sides. There was something thrilling about this part, sneaking up a feel under her shirt, brushing up against the undersides of her breasts.
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Jason would be horrified to know she'd forgotten. As it was, this was working out just fine as a distraction from the books, and hell, he was sure they both needed it.

His fingers crept up over the fabric of her bra, ghost-like touches as his thumbs swept the soft tops of her breasts. Leave it behind was what he wanted to say, but figuring that would break the spell, he said it by continuing to kiss the hell out of her.
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He grinned into the kiss, and slid his hands down her sides so that he could get them under the backs of her thighs, lift her up. He had every intention of getting them into the bed. Without breaking the lip-to-lip action, he moved until he was setting her on the bed, pressing her gently back against the mattress.

"You with me, sweetheart?" he whispered, kissing her upper lip, then the bridge of her nose.
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"Wait, you're not here here--" Jason started to repeat, but then it seemed like the wrong kind of tongue twister. Definitely not the kind he wanted to be doing with her, anyway.

"Shirt off," he murmured instead, combing his fingers through her hair. "I'm gonna make sure you're with me all the way tonight."