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In Fred's year or so on the island, there are a handful of places she hasn't been to all that often. Dinosaur territory's one of them, and the strip club's another. Not that there's anything wrong with it or anything, but she can't see how it wouldn't be weird seeing someone she'd seen in their underwear—or without them, for that matter— at breakfast in the compound the next morning.

But she knows that Jason's there sometimes, and she's been looking for him. Not for any particular reason, really, just... well, because she hasn't seen him in a while. Maybe that makes her a little crazy. Maybe not. Either way, she'll admit that she mostly just misses his face today.

She's mostly just standing in the doorway now, not quite in, not quite out, wondering if maybe she should just wait for him to find her instead.
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Saffron shut the desk drawer and sighed, pausing a moment to tie her hair back. She'd been catching up on the books, going through the lists Zuko compiled each night in carefully written Chinese and adding on the hours to the books for those who'd visited. She'd propped open the front door to get a bit of a cross breeze flowing, and now that she'd put everything away she was contemplating heading upstairs to practice a little when she thought she heard movement outside.

It could have been anything, really, maybe just a breeze. The jungle was never really silent, what with all the wildlife, and there were always folks coming and going down the paths. She was going out there anyhow, though, so Saffron headed out of the office, and a puzzled but friendly smile crossed her face. "Hi, Fred," she said, winding her way through the tables to head towards the door. "What brings you down my way, sugar?"
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Momentarily amused by how Fred seemed to think she needed to specify which Jason she was looking for, Saffron smiled. "Nope, not today," she replied. "If he stops by tonight I can tell him you were looking for him? Though I hope you find him long before that."
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"I promise, I wasn't thinking stalker at all," Saffron assured Fred, hiding the bulk of her amusement lest it be interpreted as her making fun. "Well, since you're here, want to come in for a drink? I've got nonalcoholic choices, if booze isn't your thing."
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Saffron led the way over to the bar, patting a stool before she went around behind to get a couple of glasses. "No, we're out of Coke, unfortunately," she replied. They'd been able to stretch the mixers, but some of them had run out. "I do have 7-Up, though? Or else ginger ale, and a few different kinds of juice."
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"Coming right up," Saffron said as she poured.

"We've been stingy with our supply, so we've been able to stretch it out a while," she explained as she set the glass in front of Fred before pouring herself one of juice. "Some things have run out, though, like the Coke. And most of my booze was island-produced for a while, until we got a whole supply up from Rapture."
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"Hmmm, not that I know of," Saffron replied, after thinking about it a second to see if she could recall hearing anything. "That might be worth looking into, though. I bet there's a lot of folks around here'd be real happy to see that stuff more than twice a year."