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Fred Burkle ([personal profile] walkswithheroes) wrote2011-05-10 06:11 pm

Fred's Item Post

So, I've mentioned this to a few people on twitter (which seems to be the way I do all of my evil plotting nowadays), but for those of you not in the know, Fred's going to be getting her item next week, on May 20th. This is also council speech day.

She has all ten signatures required to run for council, and though she's going to be understandably nervous about giving a speech (the last time she had to give any kind of speech, she was nearly pulled through a portal to another dimension by some kind of tentacle demon thing), she'll be able to pull herself together to at least give it a go. Unfortunately for her, before she can get more than a few sentences into her speech, her item will appear while she's standing in front of everyone. She'll suddenly be back in the head-exploding (technically imploding, but who's counting) collar that she spent five years in while she was in Pylea.

What this means (besides that I'm a horrible person):
*I'll be posting a separate EP on her journal (sometime in the next few days, since I'm actually going to be out of town on speech day) for anyone who would want to help her out, and then linking to it in a comment in the speech post. It'll be just like a normal EP (so I can accommodate anyone who wants to get involved), but if people want to double up and do three way threads, that's fine too.

*Because of the ruckus this will cause, she'll be going second to last in the speech order, with only Peter Parker going after. This way, it won't disturb anyone else's speeches.

*The collar cannot be removed without disabling it first.

*Fred is going to basically freak the fuck out, in public and in front of everyone. She knows how to disable the collar, but someone's going to need to calm her down first before she'll be coherent enough to convey just how to do it.

*I'll also likely put up a private post on her journal a few days after (likely on Monday the 23rd, when I'm back in town) for anyone who wants to talk to her after the fact. The whole ordeal is going to set her back a bit (she won't quite be season 3 crazypants Fred, but she definitely won't be her normal self), and you can assume that she won't leave her room much from the 20th - 23rd.

Volunteers? Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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