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Fred Burkle ([personal profile] walkswithheroes) wrote2011-01-24 03:37 pm
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Fred is tired. Exhausted, more like. She's hungry and dirty, and for a moment, she has to make herself remember that she's not back on Pylea all over again. At least this time, there are other people with her and no one's being made to shovel demon horse poo, but the situation is still less than ideal. It makes her realize that this time, there's no one to miss her, no one who will wonder where she's gone to if she doesn't make it back. It's something that she tries to push out of her mind as the night goes on, knowing that there are more important things to focus on. Like the next thing that the game conjures up.

They've spent most of the night fighting the poisonous and deadly vines that turned up after Alistair's roll of the die, beating them back with branches and shooting at them while Alistair cut at the ones he could with his sword. Someone's almost hit by what Fred later realizes is a poisonous stinger, but they all manage to make it through mostly unscathed.

They find a spot to settle for the moment, and Fred sets the game down in front of her, opening it up to reveal the game board inside.

"Okay, so who's next?"

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