Jul. 2nd, 2014

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Sometimes, despite where they live and where she and Jason both come from, life can feel downright normal. She goes to work at the lab, he goes to work and the station, and sure, sometimes there's a vampire— both friend and foe— or some kinda weird Darrow thing involving bees, but other times, they can just spend a friday night in with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie.

She's maybe having second thoughts about letting Jason pick it, but she has a feeling he wouldn't really find the documentary she's got on loan from the library all that interesting. Still, any time spent cozy with Jason is a win in her book.

He's sprawled out in her lap on her couch at the moment as she reaches over to the side table for her soda. Though, a tell-tale slurp from her straw reminds her that she drank the last of it fifteen minutes ago and was too preoccupied with the movie to want to get up. Plus, she's really with the super comfy right now.

Picking up the cup, she dangles it just in Jason's line of sight, hoping to save herself the trip to the fridge.

"Jaaaaason. Any chance of a refill?" she asks.


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