Jan. 30th, 2014

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Pretty soon, Fred's going to need to actually find a job. She thinks there are a couple of labs around town where she could find some part time work, or maybe she could see if the university needs anyone to help out in their physics department, but for now, she's spent her time trying to find an office for the welcome center she's been brainstorming for what seems like forever now.

It doesn't really help move things forward when every couple of months, something crazy like half the city being stung by bees that cause frostbite happens either.

Today, however, she's been out and about, looking at properties, hoping to find some place that might be in her price range in the next few weeks, but decides to make a detour when she realizes she's near the police station. She can definitely spare a little while to visit Jason at work, and maybe see if he wants to get lunch.

Though by the time she makes it to the front desk to ask the receptionist if he's in, she can't remember whether or not Jason's supposed to be out on patrol today or not.


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